Each of our engineers is an expert in their field. Joint work forms a synergy that allows us to implement the most complex projects in various fields, from microelectronics to pharmaceuticals, from food production to metrology. If the customer’s task has a technical solution, the MultiTess team will find it, optimize it and implement it. We can do everything.


In-house developments department of our company provides the following services

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Quite often, customers have only vague expectations concerning the results they expect from the project. It is often necessary to analyze even the degree of realism of these expectations, to what extent they can be achieved in principle at the present level of technology. There is not always an understanding of what time and material resources the project will require.

Specialists of the in-house developments department together with the customer formalize these tasks clearly, determine the criteria of their achievement, rank them by importance, pre-evaluate the resources, required to solve them.


After a ranked list of tasks has been compiled, and a compromise on the resource base has been found, the specialists of the department define a set of solution parameters and offer their quantitative values. As soon as there is an understanding of what parameters should be used for description of the system which solves the user’s problems, the terms of reference are made for it. In addition, the department coordinates the project performance schedule with the customer.


Thus, the terms of reference have been developed and agreed upon by common efforts. The specialists of the department begin to develop the project of the system. In parallel, the necessary project documentation is developed and agreed upon.
Unfortunately, there is often a need to adjust the terms of reference due to the fact that initially the customer did not take into account some of his tasks. Sometimes, due to the fact that in the process of working on the project the customer has a deeper understanding of his tasks. This also requires adjustment of the terms of reference.
At the same time, it is important that these changes and additions have a minimal impact on the work done earlier. This is a real art.


Having on hand the terms of reference for the system, as well as an idea of the budget, the in-house developments department together with the technical department selects the equipment that can be purchased as finished. The optimal method of delivery is chosen together with the logistics department. If necessary, the purchased equipment is certified and even entered in the appropriate registries.
Sometimes there is a need to make changes in the design of purchased equipment and production of the necessary tooling for it. In this case, in-house developments department provides the necessary interaction with the manufacturer even before the purchase of equipment, ensuring the preservation of the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.
As a rule, the finished solution includes not only the finished equipment from different manufacturers, but also the equipment of own production. Our company has the necessary material base for the manufacture of even very complex precision equipment that may be required for integration of devices from different manufacturers into a single system.


As already mentioned, during the system manufacturing, it is required to ensure stable operation as an integral whole equipment from different manufacturers. Some compatibility issues are solved at the hardware level using the precision switches of own production. However, nearly always there is a need to develop a single software package that ensures the functioning of the system.
The in-house developments department provides interaction with partner contracting companies, which have a lot of experience in writing and adapting interfaces that allow realizing intuitively clear control of all system elements. In addition, in order to simplify the equipment operation, the English-language interfaces, supplied with the equipment software have to be russified. To solve this problem, the translators are involved, who not only know the professional terminology in the chosen field, but also can use established professional slang, which greatly accelerates the familiarization with the system by the customer’s employees.
The user guide with screenshots is mandatory created for the new software. This greatly simplifies the process of new software development and reduces the risk of improper system operation.


The commissioning starts after all the necessary equipment is manufactured and delivered, and the software is developed and adjusted. Installation, start-up, testing, and functional testing of the system are performed at this stage. If necessary, employees of manufacturing companies may be involved in this work.


Quite often, the solution developed by the in-house developments department is a part of a large system.In this case it is necessary to ensure the integration of the solution with the customer’s equipment.This integration is carried out by the specialists of the department, both at the hardware and software levels.


Our in-house developments department provides warranty service and post-warranty service. The warranty period is agreed with the customer in advance and can not be less than the minimum warranty period of the delivered equipment.Both the warranty service and post-warranty service are carried out by the service department with the involvement of the in-house developments department employees.
In case of need to perform maintenance work, the staff of the service center is ready to go to any city, and to any country.


The cost of work includes the preparation of instructions and manuals, as well as professional translation of technical documentation into Russian for foreign equipment. This greatly simplifies the familiarization of the new system by the customer.
It is mandatory to train one or two customer’s employees on operation of the new system. On-site courses can be arranged if required.

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