Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd MFI testing devices are offered in different models, which include Melt Flow Rate (MFR) and semi-automatic (MVR) Melt Volume Rate.

The Melt Flow Index or Melt Index is used to identify the rheological properties of various polymers (plastics, nanocomposites and compounds). The melting index obtained from this method expresses the amount of material flow that in a certain period of time from (Die) with a certain size (specific diameter and length), at a certain temperature and under a specific load (weight placement) Standard on the piston) exits.

The smf-20 melt flow index measuring devices can be tested in accordance with ISO 1133 ASTM D1238 A method. These machines can also be equipped with precise encoders for tests of methods c and B. These devices are available manually and automatically with a sample cutting system and in a wide range of standard weights such as 1.2 kg, 2.16 kg, 3.8kg, 5kg equipped.

Features of SMF-20 devices

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