Instron has pioneered many of the significant developments in the materials testing industry since being founded in 1946 by two research scientists. With investment in research and development, we have produced a number of materials testing innovations – from the first strain gauge load cell to all-electric dynamic systems to video extensometry. Our ambition to continually innovate and develop new products is driven by the engineering and technical expertise of our experienced employees – designing systems and accessories with our core philosophy of data integrity, safety and protection of investment in mind. Today, Instron offers some of the highest-quality and most accurate testing equipment on the market with product lines that cover a wide range of mechanical testing needs from tension testing to complex service life simulation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best ownership experience by delivering the highest quality products, accessories, and software that offer accurate and reliable test results, time savings, and the flexibility that is necessary for the industry’s ever-changing demands.

تجهیزات تست

ابزارهای جانبی تست

نرم افزارهای تست

  • دستگاه‌های تست ضربه
  • دستگاه‌های تست کشش
  • دستگاه‌های تست دیناموتور
  • دستگاه‌های تست MFI
  • دستگاه‌های تست رئومتر MDR و ODR
  • تجهیزات تست در صنایع پزشکی
  • دستگاه های تست عملکرد و بالانس فن
  • فک‌های کششی
  • انواع اکستنسومتر
  • فک‌های فشاری
  • انواع قالب دمبلی برای نمونه‌های لاستیکی آزمون کشش
  • انواع فک و فیکسچرهای سفارشی
  • انواع دستگاه‌های پانچ قالب نمونه‌های آزمون کشش
  • Rubber view
  • Muteriel view
  • Dyno view