Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd

Designing and Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Laboratories Equipment, Reliable for Scientists, Engineers and Quality Managers

We present engineering testing systems based on the world science and technology​

Professional engineers of SAM team provide the proper solutions to enhance the quality and solving customer technical problems

Our company's service delivery process

Step one
Preparation an Initial Plan with Customer Involvement

At the beginning of the project, the equipment design is simulated with professional software packages, then discussed with the customer, and finally modified if necessary

Step two
Feasibility of the Customer Designs

The analysis of all the design and implementation of construction and manufacturing projects is considered as cost – effective.

Step three
Production, Presentation of the Equipment and Accessories

Nearly 90% of machinery and equipment manufactured by SAM Therefore, there is no concern about the supply of equipment

Step four
Development and Updating of Projects after Implementation

Customers and companies can develop devices even after implementation with minimal cost

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