Performance testing and fan balancing devices

– The importance of balance

With the advancement of technology and the possibility of achieving very high rotational speeds, the importance of balancing rotating parts is strongly felt. In most cases, the imbalance of the system causes excessive vibrations. Therefore, knowledge of how to eliminate or reduce these vibrations is very important.

– Balancing devices of Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd Company

Dynamic balance is achieved by rotating the blowers at a speed between 30 and 40% of the rated speed. Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd’s balancing device is equipped with a vibration measuring probe that can be used to determine the amount of imbalance in the blower and its angle. Weighting and unweighting the blower is usually done from the back wall. The balancing devices of Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd Company have a very high accuracy and can balance different blowers.

Features of Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd balance devices

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