Universal Tensile Testing Machines​

One of the products of Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd Company, which has a wide range of applications in various industrial laboratories and research centers, is the universal tensile testing machine.

Tensile testing machines are used to test the mechanical properties of materials. Application of these devices in various tests: tension – pressure – bending – cutting – foam hardness – buckling – creep – peel – creep – ring stiffness – adhesion – tear – on various materials such as metals – composites – polymers – adhesives – Wires and cables – Granite and wood in round sections, belts – films – pipes, welded samples of materials and foundry samples in the automotive industry – aerospace – textiles – paper – steel production – profile production – medicine and Other industries comply with international standards. Tensile devices are designed in servo electric and hydraulic types in capacities of 2KN to 1000KN with various types of hydraulic grip, manual, pneumatic and other accessories for various tests and manufactured in accordance with international standards.

Tensile test machine accessories

Capabilities and features of the device

Pictures of Universal Tensile Test machine

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