.Let me introduce some of the company’s products and engineering projects

Universal Tensile Testing Systems

Impact and Torsion Testing Systems

Rheometer and MFI Testing Systems

Dynamometer Systems

Axel Hot Box Alarm Testing of the Locomotive
Performance and Durability Testing Systems for Automotive Seat
Automatic Crack Ut Testing Systems
Splits (Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps) Performance Rating Tests Laboratories
Fans Performance Rating Tests Laboratories
Performance Rating of Water-Chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating Systems Testing Laboratories
Acoustic Testing Laboratories
Individual Performance and Durability for Building Hardware (Windows, Doors, Panics, Exit Devices and other Flexible Services)
Medical Syringe Leakage Testing SMSL-2000

We present engineering testing systems based on the world science and technology

Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd

Professional engineers of SAM team provide the proper solutions to enhance the quality and solving customer technical problems


SAM (Sana Andisheh Sazan Majd) was honored by officials for the engineering and industrial laboratories equipment at the 14th Premier Idea Festival in Qazvin. In addition, SAM successfully achieved the highest technology award in 2018 from Qazvin Science and Technology Park. This company has contributed to the development of novel projects and providing innovative technologies in the designing and manufacturing engineering and industrial laboratories equipment with university professors and theorists cooperation in various industries. According to knowledge, technology experienced engineers, SAM is leading in the construction of equipment, industrial and engineering laboratories.

We are ready to offer services

SAM providing service process

Preparation an Initial Plan with Customer Involvement

At the beginning of the project, the equipment design is simulated with professional software packages, then discussed with the customer, and finally modified if necessary

Feasibility of the Customer Designs

The analysis of all the design and implementation of construction and manufacturing projects is considered as cost – effective.

Production, Presentation of the Equipment and Accessories

Nearly 90% of machinery and equipment manufactured by SAM Therefore, there is no concern about the supply of equipment

Development and Updating of Projects after Implementation

Customers and companies can develop devices even after implementation with minimal cost

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