Specifications of 50J pendulum impact testing devices

50 Joule pendulum impact device is designed to determine the impact resistance of the material. Impact testing is performed in accordance with internationally known standards by Charpy and Izod method ASTM-D6110, ASTM-D256, ISO-9854, ISIRI 12828 DIN 50115 in the energy range of 5-50 J. Plastics, composites and metals can be tested using a 50 joule pendulum blower.international standards.

– pendulum impact testing machines, automatic model -50 J

These devices have a hammer brake system. Hammer re-release is performed by a motor to speed up test results and makes the system much easier to use, especially when installing larger hammers. This feature will also prevent the impact of unbroken specimens during the Izod tests on the test system.

– Manual 50-J pendulum impact testing devices

The manual model has many of the features of the automatic model and operates in accordance with similar standards, but changing the position of the hammer and the braking system on this system is done manually. Hammer release can also be done pneumatically.

Features of 50J Impact Testers

Pictures of 50J Impact Testers

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